I Have A Long Way To Go

Someone told me songwriting doesn’t get good until you’ve written your 1000th song. I’m way short of that. I envy young people who have the time to do it. Right now, I’m lucky if I get an inspiration for something. Interestingly enough, in moving my web presence from servers to WordPress.com, I looked at some of my existing sites. I had a thing called Project 52 which, when I moved, needed some TLC to get images to appear correctly. In the process, I came across some tidbits that I had written and forgotten about. So, maybe I’ll find inspiration there.

Here’s a poem I had completely forgotten…

Monday is the fire in which we all burn
Tuesday is the ash to which we all return
Wednesday is the sun with its overbearing light
Thursday is the rain and wind, we must go on inspite
Friday is the fleeting hope with which we look ahead
To all the Weekend simple joys, that surely we will dread,
For they bring us back to the only thing
The only thing we’ve earned
Just another Monday morning, in which,
To burn, to burn, to burn

…and here’s a line that I think needs to have a song sketched around it…

There’s not that much between genius and crazy
But there’s a big wide gap between useful and lazy

I will let these simmer in my mind for a while.

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