Stop Working On Steam Engines!!!

I watched an online video. In it, a photographer was discussing camera tech. He went on to say that the big camera companies (Nikon, Canon) were all stuck in the days of the pentaprism based, single lens reflex camera design. A lot of development was still being done there and he likened this to dwelling in the days of the steam engine while the world of newer, faster engine designs was where it was at. He couldn’t understand why.

My sentiments exactly.

I know photographers get attached to their equipment, but really…the electronic revolutions has taken over. Why all that clunky, heavy, noisy stuff?


Really, the size difference is big. The weight of the metal and the glass significantly higher. Ouch.

I made the switch. I was quite attached to my Nikon, but I realized that my camera bag was just too heavy. Even if I only carried the minimum, it was still heavy. So, things went the way of eBay and I have now been downsized.

I’m not looking back. Who knows, there’s probably a steam engine chasing me.

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