The Valley Photo Center


I’m starting a new relationship with one of Springfield’s hidden treasures. Inside of Tower Square, on the 2nd level, is a photo gallery called Valley Photo Center. I’ve known about them for years, but I’ve only recently gotten involved. Part of the reason for my reluctance, I guess, is the high cost of parking at the garage there. I suppose there is street parking, but it’s usually pretty full. Now that I’m a “volunteer”, I can get my ticket validated so that, during my volunteer hours, I park for free.

But, I digress.

VPC has a variety of exhibits through the year. Volunteers, like me, open the gallery during weekday lunch hours. My days are alternating Mondays. In addition to gallery hours, there are special events. Some of these are “meet the artists” socials where you can go, see the photos and chat with the photographers.

Twice a year, VPC members host their own exhibits with Spring and Fall shows.

We have had some problems with our web presence and now have several URL’s (Internet names). I’m helping resolve this and, in the process, set up a blog to keep the flow of ideas and information going. (Although, the main site has done a great job of this, too, thanks to the VPC Director.)

Check out our blog here…or go to our main page. We also have a Meetup page.

If you’d like to help out, you can easily become a member. Basically, your $25/year contribution means you can display prints during our bi-annual shows. It’s a great way to support the arts in the Valley, too.


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