What’s Wrong With Browsers?

So, over the few weeks, I’ve gone through making several browsers my default. Why? Well, one at a time they seem to have failed me. I don’t know why.

First off, I had been using Vivaldi. I used it for months. Many of them. Then, on the latest and greatest, it started acting up. Seriously. It went bad in an annoying way. So, I killed it.

I went back to using Chrome. Vivaldi was based on Chrome, so I wondered if I would get some sort of update born badness. At first, no. Then, yes.

So, I went between Edge and Chrome. Edge started acting weird. Chrome would come back, be OK for a while, then weird. Then back to Edge. Same pattern.

Now, I’m on Firefox. I haven’t used Firefox much in the past few years because Chrome was my go-to browser until Vivaldi came along. But that takes us back to “First off”, so no more about that.

I have to use Firefox, figure out which extensions are useful and/or usable. Then, wait and see.

What’s wrong with browsers?

Maybe it’s me.

Update 1

After a Windows 10 weekly update, Edge seems to have returned to its former self in terms of performance and behavior, which is pretty good. For the time I was using Firefox, it too worked quite nicely. I think some websites I like to visit just have too much stuff loading in the background. I’m guessing it’s this kind of stuff (junk) that’s causing havoc. I’ll be going from browser to browser for a while. (It’s actually fun.)

Update 2

I’m feeling brave…for Brave, that is. Firefox (on Linux) was my go-to but lately there have been some problems. I’m sure they’re things that’ll get cleaned up with new versions. During this time, though, I re-visited Brave and liked what I saw. When I’m on my workstation (Windows 10), I stay with Edge. I like the fact that downloads get scanned automatically with Defender. Do the get scanned using other browsers? …I don’t know. There’s nothing to indicate that they do. Hmmm. Anyway, Brave it is for now.

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