What's In A Name

A number of years ago, I acquired the domain name, rcdanek.us. Why? When I found out you could get a .us domain I thought it was a neat thing to do. So, I did that and kept it for a few years.

Then, I realized I wasn’t really using the domain name so I let it laps. That means I didn’t pay the yearly fee to reserve the name for my own use. How much was that fee? …about $12-20 depending on the registrar.

As soon as I let it laps, I had remorse. “Soon” is relative. It wasn’t minute after but maybe weeks or months after. When I went to re-acquire it, I found it wasn’t available. Someone had take it, holding it hostage, figuring I’d want it back and would want to pay a ransom to get it back. Of course, I didn’t.

So, this week, I decided to check to see if I could get the domain name again and it was available. Yay!!! …and I grabbed it.

Now, with a domain name, you can point it to an existing site or set up a new one. I considered the latter but decided to point it to my free WordPress site.

None of this makes any sense – what’s in a name after all. But for me, at $12/year, it’s worth it.

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