C’mon Microsoft, It’s Time – MSLinux

With recent installments of Windows 10 Updates, we’re seeing more and more integration of the Linux operating system. It’s part of WSL and WSL2 (for those systems with hypervisor in the BIOS, or some such requirement). I’m a fan of Linux and find it joyful to update. I just run a couple commands and, BOOM, it’s done. And, the way Linux is structured, many programs get updated automagically, too. It’s how it should be.

With Windows, it can get as crazy as – run update, it downloads, it installs, it may or may not require a reboot, if it does, it installs stuff before the reboot and then, again, after the reboot…and NONE of the programs that may or may not need an upgrade are upgraded. What?

With Linux? …I like using the command line. I have three commands that I’ve aliased: aptud, aptug. That’s it. I run those and I’m done. This includes upgrading to a whole new kernel. (In such cases, well, you may have to reboot.)

Anyway, I find that when I do use Windows, I really like the GUI. I like the way Microsoft has created their experience for users and I miss that when I’m using Linux. (In fairness, I also like how Linux does things.) Wouldn’t it be great to have the Windows GUI running on top of Linux? I think so.

And, to me, it looks like that’s what they’re building to. At some point, Microsoft may come out and tell developers, “OK, we’re done with our old kernel. Port all your apps to the new one…and it can be either Debian, Red Hat, or Ubuntu…doesn’t matter to us.”

That would be sweet.

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