Windows Ate My Homework

Ugh. Every now and then…

My workstation PC is an HP Z420 running Windows 10 loaded with disks and a hefty GPU for video editing. I run DaVinci Resolve for that purpose and, in the past, this video editing program refused to render a particular video type. I could edit and get it to the point where it’s ready for the last stage, rendering, but as soon as that happens, it would become a ticking time bomb.

I discovered that the Linux version of Resolve worked. It would render all the way through. I did this on a different computer, my Linux home server. Sweet. Problem solved.

But, I preferred working on my workstation so I added an SSD, installed Linux and basically could dual-boot. That worked for a while. But. At some point Windows did one of its upgrades and I lost my ability to dual boot. What?

Then, to make matters worse, as I was tinkering with the BIOS to get back the dual booting, Windows decided that things had gone far enough. I had to reinstall. Sure. It let me keep my personal files, but no so for programs.

I had no other choice. I had to reinstall all of my apps. Ugh (again).

The Windows restore didn’t take long. It was done from the Windows SSD and went well. Then, I spent the next six or so hours reinstalling the dozens of programs. (I’m a photographer, video editor, writer so there are many programs. Many.)

It used to be that Windows would require a reinstall every six months to a year. Then, as they got their act together, it would be every one to three years. I stated in a previous post that it would be sweet if Microsoft would scrap their kernel and use, instead, a Linux kernel but retain their Windows GUI. I even said they could call it MS-Linux – I don’t care. Just do it. (Thank you Nike.)

Why? …well, I never have had to reinstall Linux because something got corrupted. Never. C’mon Microsoft. Just do it.

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