PEG Media


These programs are available under a Creative Commons License . They are originally produced for viewing on Youtube and, eventually, cable access centers as DVD-quality SD downloads (MPG files).

Because Ground Glass Productions is generally a not for profit operation, and that means we don’t get paid for anything, really, we try to keep costs down utilizing free or very low-cost Internet services. Therefore, our shows may only be available for limited times online. So, as we produce more shows, we’ll likely drop the oldest ones. The list below may not grow too long, but it will change over time.

If you need more information from me, use the Contact menu item to ask a question. Also, you’ll find OCJ Latest Releases where we keep up-to-date info on releases for the PEG stations.

About the videos – MPG versions are basically what you would get on a DVD designed for standard definition TV. HD versions are 720p.

Polish Pastries


Where Else Can You Get Our Shows?

Some of the HD shows are available on TelVue Connect. Many of the SD versions are on PEG Media Org. You, more or less, have to be an access station to get permission to do downloads from these. There may be costs associated with the downloads, too. In fact, if you pull from the links above, there’s a cost. I don’t know what it is but, right now, I’m paying it. If it turns out to be too much over time, I’ll change the rules and you’ll get the show only if you pay. Sorry. I’m not rich.

Vimeo is not an option even though it had been suggested by someone. I’ve used it before for a few small shows, but the new HD stuff is too large for the free “Basic” account I have. I can upgrade to Pro, but that costs money. So, no Vimeo for HD for now.

Also, feel free to check out Other Shows and, if you find something you’d like, contact me.

Future Shows

Agawam’s access center is getting a studio operation going. Lee and I may branch out with new shows, but for now, Ooma’s Cookie Jar will keep us busy.